Branding Yourself for A Job

Hardlife Muhamba talks about tips which can help you get an interview and land your dream job quicker. He shares his journey as an Senior Level Executive with over 10 years’ experience in diverse industries and also sat as a panel interviewer numerous times.

About the author.

Hardlife Muhamba is a Career Coach, LinkedIn Influencer, YouTuber and Certified Resume Writer who believes in the power of skills development to enable individuals reach their potential. Popularly known as Hardy The Coach, he has assisted over 5000 job seekers and career changers in over 25 countries to get shortlisted for an interview and coached them to land their dream jobs.

Starting a Social Enterprise that focus on life skills empowerment and career development as a university student accelerated his knowledge and understanding of the impact of skills development for every person to reach their full potential. He has extensive experience in the Civil Society (NGO), Banking and Financial Services, and Career Development sectors.

Hardlife is currently pursuing his PGD in Project Management.

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Struggling to get shortlisted for an interview and land your dream job? This life changing book will give you answers on the chances you have of standing out from the rest, attracting the recruiters’ attention, getting shortlisted for an interview and ultimately landing that dream job. Hardlife shares many ways on how you can inform people about your brand; including your resume, social media profile, references or networking.


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Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 29, 2022

This book is well written and thought through. Thanks, this was an amazing read.